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Podcast Hosting

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Learn how easy it is to get a podcast up and running, and how you can leverage your own show to increase your income, grow your list, and build your authority.



Virtual Summits


One of the fastest ways to grow your list, build your network, and increase your income - bar none! Plus - you'll already be skilled at conducting interviews from your podcast.


Speaking from Stage


Whether you're on your own stage or someone else's, addressing a large audience or a small group - speaking gigs are one of the best ways to build your fan base, make more money, and be taken more seriously.

Getting Published

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There's a reason that "Author" is part of the word Authority - being published is validation in it's highest form. The expression "He/She wrote the book on _____" still carries a lot of weight today.


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Launch your podcast quickly with our Zero to Launch in 14 Days online training program. Not only will you establish yourself as an expert – you’ll start to network with other established experts as you interview them on your show.

Virtual Summits

With your experience of recording interviews well-established, you can now build your list while furthering your position as an expert in your field! A perfect follow-on to your existing podcast.

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Speaking from Stage

Learn to speak while building your audience at the same time, by starting out with smaller groups and shorter talks.

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Getting Published

Learn to grow your platform and get your written word out there through traditional or self-publishing – allowing you to pre-sell your work with style!

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Michael Neeley

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