Episode 005: Facebook Ads – Tammy Lane of Facebook Faucet

Facebook Faucet

In today’s episode we are going to talk about Facebook Ads.

There are some great podcasts out there like Perpetual Traffic from Digital Marketer and Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner; where the shows are geared toward a lot of do-it-yourself ideas – which is GREAT; but sometimes you want a full-on training program for yourself or maybe even for someone on your team, so that they can walk you right through the set-up of your ad campaign and funnel to build your audience and your income fast.

Tammy Lane, the founder of Facebook Faucet, provides expert guidance on how to effectively utilize Facebook for your business, and consistently bring in high-end clients. Tammy was able to take $126 and turn it into $19,990 of income in just three days, while creating a never-ending stream of new clients… without putting any additional out-of-pocket money into Facebook ads. Tammy also successfully scaled to $3M in just six months!

Today, we’re gonna find out more about how she did that and how she can help you to do the same. AND – as we reveal in the episode, I managed to get Tammy to make a SUPER SPECIAL OFFER on her FACEBOOK FAUCET training. CLICK HERE for that deal, or Click Here for the free template we discuss. Please note that these are affiliate links, and while they will have no impact on your purchase, Buy This – Not That will receive an affiliate fee if you use our link. We’d appreciate it if you do, as this is how we fund our production. Thanks!

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