Episode 003: Focuster – Jordan Baker


In today’s episode, we’re going to breakdown a software app platform known as FOCUSTER.

I’ve brought in the founder, Jordan Baker, also a fellow Santa Cruzan friend of mine and a Shakapreneur. What the hell is a Shakapreneur, you might be wondering – well, listen in to find out!

Jordan Baker is the founder and developer of Focuster, a productivity tool for professionals that helps you manage your focus. Working first as a freelance software developer and later as head honcho at a web development agency, he realized that personal development was key to getting the results he wanted in life and business.

To support that, he’s studied wide range of topics from productivity systems such as the popular Getting Things Done, to inner practices like meditation and yoga. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA where he enjoys learning to surf, playing guitar and the sweet sunshine.

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